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During its more than 30-year history, the AFT College Guild, Local 1521 evolved into the second largest AFT/CFT local in California.

The AFT College Guild was the first AFT/CFT community college Faculty local in California to include classified brothers and sisters. the newly formed Staff Guild continues to be the largest unit of community college classified employees in California, currently representing 1300 Clerical/Technical employees. The organization of the classified unit into Local 1521A set a precedent for organizing other classified units within community colleges in California.

The College Guild appointed Sandra Lepore as Executive Secretary-Treasurer for the new unit. The first order of business was to launch a membership drive and immediately get new members to sign up. Classified and faculty joyfully celebrated the AFT victory. Local 1521A was certified the bargaining agent for the unit on August 23, 1983.

In 1982, the local and national AFT organized a decertification election for the Clerical/Technical Unit I employees of the Los Angeles Community College District. At that time, Unit I was represented by the California School employees Association (CSEA) and was the only unit in the Los Angeles Community College District not represented by an AFL/CIO union. In October 1983 the first election of chapter chairs/delegates and alternates for the Staff Guild Executive Board was held. On November 15, the Staff Guild elected Barbara Kleinschmitt President, Birt Tidwell Vice President, and Jeanne Bascom Secretary.

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